7 Moving Tips To Make The Move Easier

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7 Moving Tips to Make the Move Easier

Let's face it. Moving sucks. 

But, we wanted to try and make this process easier and share a few tips we've picked up over the years. 

Think About What You Will Need Last…And First

Eager to start packing early? Take a moment to think about items you are going to need before they go into boxes.

Dish towels? The can opener? Pots and pans? A screwdriver. The IKEA Allen wrench? These are all items you are probably going to need for the next few days or weeks. Pack them last.

Packing these items last means that you'll probably be unpacking them first in the new place. The last thing you want to do is use the bathroom and have your toilet paper packed away still. Bedsheets, your coffeemaker, coffee filters, and mugs...just unpack the coffee first.

Pack these in a box that you know you will want easy access to when you move in. 

Label Your Boxes

Didn't label your boxes? Might as well unpack everything in the living room. There is nothing worse than getting to your new home and boxes of kitchen items have ended up in your bedroom, or your child’s toys have been put in the den. 

If you clearly label your boxes (think “Kitchen,” “Master bed,” or “Sophie’s Room”) you can put those boxes in the right place, and you won’t have to move them again when you start unpacking.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

Fewer boxes to move means less work, right? You could pack everything in one box, but we dare you to lift that box. Save your back and don’t overpack!

Keep Accessories Together

When taking apart bed frames or bookcases, keep all the little pieces together. Throw those things (like that annoying IKEA Allen wrench) in a resealable bag and label it. If you can, attach it, tape or an elastic band works, to one of the pieces of the item you just took apart to make sure everything stays together. 

Grab Your Phone Before You Unplug Your TV

Everyone dreads having to figure out where all those cables go in the back of the TV. Make it easier by taking a photo of the connection ports before you unplug everything. 

If you can label the cords before you unplug them, masking tape and a marker work well.

And don’t forget to call the cable company

Many cable providers and utility companies need at least a month’s notice to move services. Once you know your moving date, call your service providers to let them know. With enough notice, you should be able to have your services moved over on moving day, so you’re set up and ready to Netflix and Chill on day one.

Save Time When Packing Clothes

Clothes are such a pain to move around. Why? Because clothes live everywhere and they will live in all new places in the new house.

We've tried a lot of ways to move clothes around and there are really no perfect methods, but there are few things to make it easier.

Then pack seasonal or specialty clothes, like winter jackets or gowns, into boxes first. You'll likely not need these the first week you move in. 

Keep clothing in drawers, even in the moving truck. It saves space and saves time unpacking. 
The drawers will probably stack pretty well if they are from the same piece of furniture. If you’re worried about items falling out in transit, wrap some plastic wrap around the drawer.

Also, you can keep clothes on the hanger, assuming you have clothes that you hang. You can fold clothes on the hanger into a box or suitcase, or drape them over boxes if you're moving a short distance.

And finally, keep a suitcase with the clothes you need for the first week you move in. And always, always, pack an extra pair of underwear.

Pack Your Jewelry The Smart Way

Start saving your egg cartons and toilet paper rolls, because these are great for moving your jewelry. Place items like rings and earrings in the cups and tape the whole thing closed. 

Use toilet paper rolls to pack necklaces and bracelets to avoid a tangled mess - thread the necklace through the roll and close the clasp. Seriously, this is a brilliant tip.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Moving is a big, stressful job, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether you call a moving company to help with the big items, or you call all your friends with pickup trucks, it’s always nice to have a little help on moving day. We may even help...maybe.

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Just be sure you are ready to go before the movers or your friends show up. You don’t want to be packing boxes or wrapping pictures at the last minute.

And Make Sure You Know The Number For The Neighbourhood Pizza Joint

After all that work, you’re going to need to eat...and feed your helpers! Make sure you check out your new neighbourhood and find the closest pizza place so you can order dinner and celebrate a successful moving day.

And who knows. Maybe we'll show up and bring the drinks.

What are your top moving tips?