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We know a lot about two things; mortgages and being self-employed. The mortgage thing is obvious, but being self-employed? Well, not only do we help a lot of clients who are business-for-self, but all of the mortgage brokers at Rock Solid Mortgages are self-employed as well.

You will face highs and lows in your business, but with the right strategy and smart planning, you’ll be able to ride the wave and come out stronger on the other side. If you’re thinking about moving to self-employment or are already there, we’re here to help, even if it’s to complain about the woes of self-employment.

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Our Mortgage Services Include: Mortgage Pre-Approval | First Time Home Buyer/Home Purchase | Self Employed Mortgage | Mortgage Refinance | Mortgage Renewal | Commercial Mortgage Loans | Construction Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Broker at Rock Solid Mortgages offer Self Employed Mortgage Services to clients across Calgary, Chestermere, Langdon, Okotoks, Airdrie, and Cochrane, Alberta.

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