- Vic Toews

By Rock Solid Mortgages |

Remi, All I can say is wow, I know what great financing service is because back in the 70's and 80's I spent over 20 years as a bank manager. So I am now retired, have dealt with the same bank for over 30 years, always got great service, and I wanted to do something that required more cash than I could shake loose without incurring some pretty heavy income tax issues. I ask my 30 year banker but it didn't fit into thier profile. Reason, well although I had a great net worth my anual income was insufficient to justify the amount of money I wanted. (Good tax planning) Knowing this request would have been a no-brainer when I was a banker I decided to not accept no and I looked on the internet for a broker . Remi called back immediately and within a week had a package tailored to my needs at an interest rate lower than my banker charges. He came to my home did all the leg work and kept every promise within expected time frames.